Chelsea Handler’s Recent Remarks

On her Netflix show a few days ago, Chelsea Handler implored Ivanka Trump to try to change her “fucking asshole” father’s mind on abortion. Yeah, because insulting her own father will definitely get her to do that.

More recently, in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Handler associated Trump’s stance on guns with “not giving a shit about anybody”:

The answer seems clear in the United States: restrictions on who is able to purchase firearms and, like the Brady Center advocates, expansion of background checks. However, it’s not so simple, as the country has a president now who received more money for his campaign from the NRA than from any other group. What does that mean for the cause?

We’re in a really tricky time right now, you know? A lot of people are feeling very listless and helpless, but at the same time, I say to myself every single time, “Just get up and get out.” No matter how defeated you feel, no matter how depressing the news is, show up. Show up when you can. I have no question about what’s right and what’s wrong, so it’s good to constantly remind yourself and constantly show up, especially when you don’t feel like showing up, especially when you feel defeated. Get out there and support the causes that you can. People need to be louder than ever with this president and his relationship to the gun lobby. He doesn’t give a s— about people. He doesn’t care about anybody.

Handler also said the following:

If you want to go shoot, you know, whatever, in the woods, that’s fine, but it’s a hobby. If your hobby is [affecting] innocent people being killed all the time, children included, don’t you think you should reconsider the lack of restrictions placed on your hobby?

Does any woman exemplify the feminist archetype better than Chelsea Handler? Two abortions at age 16, unmarried and childless at age 42, nauseatingly liberal, out of touch, and just a vulgar person in general. Does anyone think she’s insightful or even funny? If so, I have never met them.


Americans Don’t Know Where North Korea Is

This article from the New York Times illustrates that Americans who were able to find North Korea on a map tend to favor diplomacy over military aggression. They also overwhelmingly favor doing something over doing nothing.

The rest of the data is just as, if not more, interesting. One thing that struck me: people ages 45-54 are by far the worst age group at identifying North Korea. My mother falls into that age range, and she said she doesn’t remember ever learning geography in school. On the other hand, I do remember learning geography and having to identify foreign countries on map quizzes. And sure enough, millennials are significantly better than their parents at pointing out North Korea. Pretty anecdotal evidence, but I’m sure we’re better at teaching geography than we used to be.

Yet nevertheless, the stereotype that Americans flat out suck at geography still rings true. Only 36 percent of adults could correctly locate North Korea on a map. Here’s each guess:

I mean, come on. I expected fewer people to select major countries such as China, Japan, India, and even Australia (!!!). Sad.

Why make such a big deal about the geographical illiteracy of Americans, you may ask? A University of Oregon professor explains:

This spatial illiteracy, geographers say, can leave citizens without a framework to think about foreign policy questions more substantively. “The paucity of geographical knowledge means there is no check on misleading public representations about international matters,” said Alec Murphy, a professor of geography at the University of Oregon.

Simply put: Since Americans are geographically illiterate, they’re more likely to let politicians and the mainstream media tell them what to think about foreign policy. If you remember the 2014 Ukrainian turmoil, the media was hostile towards the pro-Russian protesters as well as Russia itself for annexing Crimea. Unsurprisingly, those who couldn’t identify Ukraine on a map were more likely to support military intervention. Those most likely to support intervention were furthest off in their guesses.

In a conversation with my father on this topic, he mentioned that American geographic illiteracy is a symptom of a larger problem: the average American’s lack of curiosity about the world in general. This is a great point. Think about it: if you knew anything about the cultural and sociopolitical climate of Iraq, you would’ve been more likely to envision a post-Saddam Iraq not as a “rosy scenario,” but as the spark for chaotic, violent sectarianism.

Now I wish someone would conduct a study to find a correlation between one’s ability to locate Syria on a map and his likelihood of supporting the forceful removal of Bashar al-Assad from power. That’d provide some intriguing data, and based on what we’ve seen here, I think I know the answer.

The million dollar question, though: How do we solve the geographic illiteracy of Americans? Is it even solvable?

I don’t pretend to know the answer, so let’s allow this scholar to take a stab:

New at FightDegeneracy: Big Pharma Profits off of Death

The latest article up at FightDegeneracy was written by our Chief Strategist and Director of Research and Development, Kellon Petzak. Excerpt:

Since 1999 the sale of prescription drugs has quadrupled in our country, even though Americans have not felt an overall increase in the amount of pain they experience. Some reports show that 70 percent of American adults are on prescription drugs.

At the same time, our nation is suffering a devastating opioid epidemic that’s killing 91 people a day. Drug overdose has now surpassed auto accidents as the number one leading cause of accidental death in America. Most of these victims, sadly, originally became hooked on prescription drugs.

Why is more not being done about this crisis?

This is a little-known but serious issue. Read the rest here.

Stop Me if You’ve Heard This Before…

… a racist incident that turned out to be a hoax.

Whaaaat? No, that never happens…

Washington Post:

The hate-filled note was allegedly found on a student’s windshield on April 29, and it contained an ominous warning:

“I am so glad that you are leaving soon,” the message said. “One less n‑‑‑‑‑ that this school has to deal with. You have spoken up too much. You will change nothing. Shut up or I will shut you up.”

Days of demonstrations against hate speech and canceled classes followed at St. Olaf College, a liberal arts school in Northfield, Minn.

There was only one problem: The note, as it turns out, was fake. And yet, it arrived on the heels of nine other reported acts of hate speech on campus in recent months.

Final Exams Need Not Cause Stress

Apparently final exams are so stressful for some college students that student groups at various universities offer de-stressors like therapy dogs, Play-Doh, and Legos.

The College Fix:

Christopher Carey, director of student activities at Temple University, told The College Fix via email that the offerings aided students in several ways.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to enjoy the spring weather and have fun with their friends prior to finals week. The second benefit is that we partner with a class in the School of Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management so that those students gain some practical event planning experience,” he said.

Carey said Camp TU was a success.

“The event went very well. While we don’t have an exact total, we are estimating around 2,000 students. I can say with certainty that students had a lot of fun. If having fun helped them relieve some stress or unwind a bit, that is great, too,” he said.

Legitimate stress ought to be relieved in order to prevent burnout, and I’m sure these “de-stressing” events are effective at doing so. I have nothing against them in principle. But as a college student myself, I’m well aware that students tend to get too worked up over final exams.

The makeup of a final exam typically depends on the professor, but the vast majority of the finals I have taken in college were not cumulative. They covered only the material taught after the mid-term.

If you just show up to class on time, actively listen to the lecture, take solid notes (which partly includes not writing down everything the professor says), do the necessary assignments, and take five minutes each day to review your notes, there’s hardly an excuse not to do well in the class, let alone on the final exam.

Every time I followed that criteria for a particular class, I never had to carve out time to study for the final, and I always received an A or A- as my final grade. None of it requires any extra willpower or intelligence.

If you’re stressed out over a final exam, then you’re probably not as organized or disciplined as you could be. But hey, college is a great environment to become more organized and disciplined. Better to learn it now than at a full-time job.

Bill Nye Finds Science Inconvenient, Whitewashes His Own Classic Show

A week ago I re-posted a clip from a 1996 episode of “Bill Nye the Science Guy” in which a young woman explains that “[chromosomes] control whether we become a boy or a girl.”

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the Netflix version of the episode has that segment cut out. Watch for yourself:

As if we needed any more proof that Bill Nye is a fraud…

H/T to my dad for sending me this video

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