Google Employee Axed After Attacking False Gods of Diversity, Liberal Groupthink

A Google employee recently penned a ten-page memo that caused quite the uproar. Much of the media has emphasized only one of the memo’s arguments—that biology helps explain why women don’t get involved in the tech industry—but it can’t be forgotten that the memo also criticized Google for silencing conservative opinions.

Then yesterday Google fired him and thus proved the entire point of his memo.


Alphabet Inc.’s Google has fired an employee who wrote an internal memo blasting the web company’s diversity policies, creating a firestorm across Silicon Valley.

James Damore, the Google engineer who wrote the note, confirmed his dismissal in an email, saying that he had been fired for “perpetuating gender stereotypes.” He said he’s “currently exploring all possible legal remedies.”

Earlier on Monday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent a note to employees that said portions of the memo “violate our Code of Conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.” But he didn’t say if the company was taking action against the employee. A Google representative, asked about the dismissal, referred to Pichai’s memo.

After the controversy swelled, Danielle Brown, Google’s new vice president for diversity, integrity and governance, sent a statement to staff condemning Damore’s views and reaffirmed the company’s stance on diversity. In internal discussion boards, multiple employees said they supported firing the author, and some said they would not choose to work with him, according to postings viewed by Bloomberg News.

“We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company,” Brown said in the statement. “We’ll continue to stand for that and be committed to it for the long haul.”

Read the full memo here.


Tweetstorm of the Day

Courtesy of J.R. Salzman, an Iraq War vet and amputee:

I served in Iraq in 2006. For the first five months I was on a 12 man firebase out in the middle of nowhere in the desert.

Everyday was Groundhog Day. Wake up and do the same patrols, the same shifts, every single day. It was so damn hot. 150° in the gun trucks.

Tracer fire would go overhead occasionally at night. IED’s on the road were a daily threat. We got resupplied food every 8 days.

QRF was an hour away. After they made the minimum three gun truck rule after the guys got kidnapped, life got harder.

The stress of being out there and doing the same job every single day eats away at you. The younger guys had problems with that overtime.

Any tiny little personal issue they had suddenly became a mountain. And that shit came out on that fire base. And they snapped mentally.

After stepping on each other’s nuts living in the same can for five months, guys were at each other’s throats. The stress made it worse.

Guys would literally snap over a dear John letter. Their personal issues came out and they were instantly combat ineffective.

Now take someone confused about whether they are a man/woman. Take those psychological and emotional issues and put them in that environment.

Take someone who is right off the bat not uniform or part of the same team. Give them special treatment because of their identity.

Take that person, put them in that stressful war environment and watch what happens. It’s a fucking ticking time bomb.

You have to be incredibly tough mentally, physically and emotionally. War is not a fucking video game. It tests every ounce of your being.

You can’t teach someone to be a fearless warrior in a fucking PowerPoint. You either have it or you don’t. You can hack it or you can’t.

We had guys who couldn’t. When faced with combat situations they crumbled. They had mental and emotional issues. They were a liability.

To be successful at war, you have to become a warrior mentally, physically, and emotionally. You can’t fake it and go through the motions.

In war if it comes down to kill or be killed, and you hesitate, you’re dead. It’s as simple as that. It’s not a fucking video game.

War is no place for people who are mentally, emotionally, or physically confused or in turmoil. You have your shit together, or you don’t.

And if you don’t, you’ll just get people needlessly killed. Political correctness has absolutely no place in the military.

Enough for now. This one armed veteran has a business to run. Unlike Iran, the country that took my arm, Obama didn’t pay me millions.

Could Valedictorians Go the Way of the Dinosaur?

There’s an increasing trend throughout American high schools: doing away with valedictorians and even class ranks.

Associated Press:

The ranking of students from No. 1 on down, based on grade-point averages, has been fading steadily for about the past decade. In its place are honors that recognize everyone who scores at a certain threshold — using Latin honors, for example. This year, one school in Tennessee had 48 valedictorians.

About half of schools no longer report class rank, according to the National Association of Secondary School Principals. Administrators worry about the college prospects of students separated by large differences in class rank despite small differences in their GPAs, and view rankings as obsolete in an era of high expectations for every student, association spokesman Bob Farrace said. There are also concerns about intense, potentially unhealthy competition and students letting worries about rank drive their course selections.

Among those weighing a change is Lancaster High School in suburban Buffalo, where students are leading an exploration of replacing valedictorian-salutatorian recognitions with the college-style Latin honors of summa cum laude, magna cum laude and cum laude.

I also found an article that attempts to explain why high school valedictorians rarely become uber-successful and why the average millionaire’s high school GPA was 2.9. Read it here.

The Newest Sexist Words?

“Genius,” “flair,” and “brilliance.”

I wish I were joking.


Instructors at Cambridge University are told to avoid using words such as “genius,” “flair,” and “brilliance” because of the alleged association those terms have with men.

History lecturer Lucy Delap of Cambridge University claims that instructors are told to avoid using such words because they “carry assumptions of gender inequality.” She went on to suggest that the reason why men earn more first-class degrees at Oxford and Cambridge is because women struggle with the “male-dominated environment.”

However, this isn’t the case in the United States. There are over three million more women than men enrolled in degree-granting programs in the United States as of 2017. Current projections suggest that this gap will only increase in favor of women over the next decade.

“Some of those words, in particular, genius, have a very long intellectual history where it has long been associated with qualities culturally assumed to be male”, Delap said. “Some women are fine with that, but others might find it hard to see themselves in those categories”.

Delap added that the push towards a more gender-inclusive academic environment extends beyond language-policing. The Cambridge history department is rewriting the curriculum to create a “wider set of paper choices” and to ensure that all language that can be considered specific to a gender, class, or ethnicity will be erased.

Men Banned from Sitting Comfortably on Madrid Public Transportation


The Telegraph:

Madrid has moved to ban ‘manspreading’ on its public transport system after feminists convinced the city’s left-wing council that men invading the space of others with their splayed legs was a problem that needed to be tackled.

I refuse to non-ironically use the word “manspreading.” It’s a classic example of 21st century SJW lingo, much like “gender fluid,” “pansexual,” “triggered,” “microaggression,” and “safe space.”

Madrid’s EMT transport corporation has unveiled a new set of stickers to be placed on all city buses including one of a male figure with his knees spread wide apart, accompanied by the slogan “Respect others’ space”.

This is not about space issues. Most men don’t take up an unreasonable amount of space when spreading their legs. It’s another effort to control men, as Dr. Helen Smith pointed out.

The change comes about after a group called Mujeres en Lucha (Women at War) launched a social network campaign against ‘manspreading’ and presented a petition signed by 10,000 people to Madrid city hall.

“It’s a question of culture. We women have always been told to occupy the least amount of space possible, and men haven’t,” said a leader of the anti-manspreading campaign, Alejandra de la Fuente.

I don’t remember ever being “told” to occupy the most amount of space possible. Men just do it. Likewise I doubt that women were ever “told” to occupy the least amount of space possible. They just do it.

But some men took to social networks to denounce what they feel is sexist persecution of the male gender.

“The MAN part of the word is out of order. I have seen women with handbags on other seats, lying back and spreading their legs like men…” Jesús Herraiz from Madrid said on Twitter.

True that.

“We believe that putting a name to and making visible these kinds of daily sexist behaviour that go unnoticed is the way ahead to become more aware, seeing what we used not to see and leaving inequality and machismo behind,” said Clara Serra of Podemos in presenting the motion.

Confirms that this is not about space issues. Liberal crusaders like Clara Serra know it’s a way to repress the “machismo”—i.e., masculinity— of men in the name of “equality.” They’re openly admitting as such.

For the record, most men don’t spread their legs in order to “exude masculinity” or “show women he’s the alpha in the room.” We do it because sitting with our legs close together is uncomfortable for our “boys,” if you know what I mean.

SJWs will seize any opportunity they can to stamp out what they think stands in the way of “progress” and “equality.” Even petty stuff like this.