I’m Evan Stambaugh. And yes, that’s my real name, not my pen name. I’m a theology major at a small, private college here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I’m definitely not new to the blogging scene. Hell, I started my first blog back in mid 2006, when I was nine years old and hardly anyone knew what a “blog” was. I sports blogged for several years but got sick of it, mostly due to the prevalent liberal bias found in sports journalism. Over time my interest in politics and current events grew, and for a couple years I’ve been into self-development.

In May 2016 I became an intern for the Donald Trump campaign following months of hard work as a rank-and-file volunteer. In July of that year I became the Michigan Field Assistant, overseeing the efforts of several hundred volunteers in West Michigan. And in October I was entrusted to run the Grand Rapids Trump office.

This blog is the product of my impulse to build something out of what I consume on a daily basis. Here I will post links to articles and stories I find interesting; my thoughts on Trump’s presidency; and various musings related to self-development, books I read, etc.