Western Men Losing Sperm Bigly

A new study has revealed that sperm count among Western men is at an all-time low. What’s more, the sperm count of Latino, Asian, and African men hasn’t declined much, if at all.

Funnily enough, I had read an article about sperm count in the June 2017 edition of Men’s Health just days before discovering this study. The article featured an infographic identifying the impact that various lifestyle factors had on sperm count. The factors that increase sperm count? Consuming organic produce, fish, and black cumin seed oil; eliminating trans fat; and cutting the cable cord.

The factors that decrease sperm count? Eating fried food, smoking cigarettes and/or weed, not getting enough sleep, sporting a 40+ inch waist, and suffering from stress and anxiety.

Now which group of lifestyle factors best applies to Western men? Once you’ve got your answer, are you honestly surprised that Western man’s sperm count is plummeting?

Saving the West starts with you, the individual man. Get that sperm count up: lift weights, clean up your diet, get plenty of sleep, and watch little (or no) TV. The health of Western Civilization depends on your strength and vitality.


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