Busyness vs. Distraction

Musician and writer Mich Manaras discusses an important concept in a recent article of his: If you think you’re perpetually busy, you just might be perputally distracted—distracted by obligations, commitments, material wealth, etc., that prevent you from feeling in full control of your life. But when you free yourself from such distractions, you’re able to enjoy a freedom you never thought possible. Excerpt:

For years I was a busy person with a busy work schedule, a busy social life and a busy family life. There was always something to do and always somewhere to be; better than being bored and alone, right?

With that many things going on, it was really tough for me to put any time or focus towards my health, or anything other than my obligations, quite frankly. My lifestyle revolved around events, eating and drinking, from work to family, and consequently I wasn’t scoring very high in the health department.

It was only when I made the decision to get myself into better shape did I open a door I never expected to open, where I’d see my life and the world around me in a completely different light.

Read the rest of Manaras’s story here.


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