Putin is Literally Hitler!

Tucker Carlson got into it with retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters while discussing Vladimir Putin on his show last night. Putin is LITERALLY HITLER according to Peters, so you can imagine how that went over with Tucker.

Business Insider:

While discussing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s veiled campaign against ISIS, which experts largely believe is focused on keeping the government of Russia’s ally Syria in power, Carlson said: “I’m not vouching for Putin’s character. He seems like a shady guy, a strongman for sure.

“Hard to see why he’s a threat to us,” he continued. “Why not just accept that people who are bad people share our interest and side with them?”

“You sound like Charles Lindbergh in 1938 saying, ‘Hitler hasn’t attacked us,'” Peters said.

Although Lindbergh warned the US of Germany’s advancement in aviation technology in the 1930s, he received criticism after he was honored by the Nazi government and suggested the US ought to negotiate a neutrality pact.

“I beg your pardon,” Carlson said. “Hey, slow down, colonel. You cannot compare me to someone who can make apologies for Hitler. And I don’t think Putin is comparable to Hitler.”

“I think Putin is,” Peters replied.

“I think it’s a grotesque overstatement, actually,” Carlson said. “I think it’s insane.”

“Fine, you can think it’s insane all you want,” Peters said.

How is Putin comparable to Hitler? Peters explains:

“Because he invaded his neighbors, broken the long peace in Europe. He assassinates dissidents and journalists. He bombs women and children on purpose in Syria. He is as bad as Hitler.”

Read more of the exchange here. It gets better. Peters, like many of his fellow baby boomers, suffers from the Cold War mentality that Russia is an existential enemy of the United States.

The full segment:


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