Evan’s Recent Reads, Edition Five

1. “SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police” by Vox Day. Vox is an impressive guy. He created InfoGalactic, operates two blogs, designs video games, and writes science fiction novels and other books. SJWAL is polemical in nature. Think of it as a handy guide in knowing who SJWs are, what SJWs do, and how you can defend yourself against their thought policing.

2. “Goethe: Life as a Work of Art” by Rüdiger Safranski. Finished this one last night. Although Safranski published the book in German four years ago, the English translation by David Dollenmayer was released a few short weeks ago. Goethe wore numerous hats throughout his life: lawyer, statesman, author, poet, scientist, artist. He wasn’t just a dilettante, though; he was an artistic and poetic genius. And he didn’t just dabble in science, he made great contributions to botany and the theory of color. As Michael Dirda wrote in his review of the book, “Neophytes will certainly be bored, yet Goethe aficionados will learn a lot.” I would suggest reading Goethe’s Wikipedia page as well as some of his work before diving into this biography.

3. “Do I Make Myself Clear? Why Writing Well Matters” by Harold Evans. Fair book. Evans did get political at times, and I felt the work didn’t need to be 350+ pages long. In any case, I did get some valuable writing tips out of it. Three out of five stars.

4. “The Vision of the Soul: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in the Western Tradition” by James Matthew Wilson. Wilson is a professor at Villanova University. I presumed he was Catholic because of the themes and thinkers he discusses. Recommended reading if you’re into philosophy and/or theology.

5. “Be Like a Fox: Machiavelli in His World” by Erica Benner. Started this one a couple of days ago. Haven’t made too much progress on it due to a busy schedule and other books on my nightstand. Machiavelli is perhaps the most misunderstood thinker in the West, and Benner seeks to correct people’s perceptions of him and his political philosophy.

6. Theodore Roosevelt’s Autobiography. I have read it before and am reading it again. People who know me know how much I love Teddy Roosevelt.


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