Could Michael Flynn Find His Way Back in the White House?

According to “reports,” President Trump seems to have regretted firing Michael Flynn as his National Security Adviser and may want to bring him back.

The Independent:

“Trump feels really, really, really, bad about firing him, and he genuinely thinks if the investigation is over Flynn can come back,” a White House official said.

But, of course, that doesn’t mean he’ll make a comeback, let alone desire to do so:

Mr Flynn, sources close to him say, didn’t even really want the job in the first place.

“He did not want to be National Security Adviser,” Michael Ledeen, a friend of Mr Flynn’s, said. “He didn’t want to be in the government. He wanted to go back to private life.”

“But Trump insisted on it,” he continued.

I respect and appreciate Flynn’s contributions in getting Trump elected, but I think it’s best for all involved if Trump doesn’t re-hire him. Flynn screwed up and is, either fairly or unfairly, marred by controversy. There’s enough controversy already, even if it’s largely manufactured by a mainstream media that has it out for Trump.

Plus it sounds like Flynn just wants to be a private citizen. Good for him. Power and prominence are overrated anyway.


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