Remember Clock Boy?

Jog your memory all the way back to 2015. Ahmed Mohamed, aka “Clock Boy,” was the Muslim kid who supposedly made his own homemade alarm clock and brought it to school. One of his teachers thought it to be a bomb and eventually called the police.

Libs cried out in defense of this kid, saying his “civil rights” were violated, that he was “discriminated against” because of his ethnicity and/or religion, and so on.

Ahmed’s family filed a lawsuit in 2016, and now it’s been revealed that a judge has thrown out their entire case.

Daily Mail:

The judge wrote: ‘Plaintiff does not allege any facts from which this court can reasonably infer that any IISD employee intentionally discriminated against Ahmed Mohamed based on his race or religion.’

Further, he notes that the suit failed to identify any policy, custom, or practice of the City that was allegedly the moving force behind any violation of Ahmed’s Fifth Amendment rights.

When the lawsuit was first filed in 2016, the district hit back at the Mohamed family’s allegations saying Ahmed deliberately disobeyed his teacher by activating the clock despite her warning.

I forgot about Ahmed until I saw this story. Brings back many memories of poking fun at him—as well as the liberals who portrayed him as some sort of Einstein—when I used to be on Twitter.

This was priceless too:


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