New at FightDegeneracy: Big Pharma Profits off of Death

The latest article up at FightDegeneracy was written by our Chief Strategist and Director of Research and Development, Kellon Petzak. Excerpt:

Since 1999 the sale of prescription drugs has quadrupled in our country, even though Americans have not felt an overall increase in the amount of pain they experience. Some reports show that 70 percent of American adults are on prescription drugs.

At the same time, our nation is suffering a devastating opioid epidemic that’s killing 91 people a day. Drug overdose has now surpassed auto accidents as the number one leading cause of accidental death in America. Most of these victims, sadly, originally became hooked on prescription drugs.

Why is more not being done about this crisis?

This is a little-known but serious issue. Read the rest here.


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