New Orleans: First of Three Confederate Statues Comes Down

Although we knew it was coming, it’s still tragic to read. Workers removed Jeff Davis’ statue in New Orleans early this morning. Also scheduled for removal are the city’s statues of Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard.

I strongly condemn this development. It’s the whitewashing of history, plain and simple. Note that the removal of the statues isn’t based on the misguided idea that “these men were traitors and therefore do not deserve to be honored,” but on the equally misguided idea that they represent “racism, slavery, and white supremacy.”

You could, using the same logic, make the argument that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson also represent “racism, slavery, and white supremacy.” Yet sane Americans understand there’s so much more to them than the fact that they owned slaves.

Insane Americans, like leftist activist Malcolm Suber, make that argument and support the suppression of Founding Father history. New York Times:

On Thursday, Mr. Suber chuckled mischievously and said he would be delighted to see the statue of Washington over by the New Orleans Public Library come down, too.

“He was a slave master,” he said. “Right?”

A dangerous precedent has been set. Why stop at Davis and Lee when Washington and Jefferson embody “white supremacy” too? That’s the mentality of Suber and his ilk. They are by no means a majority, but any student of history knows that change often stems from a very vocal minority.

Davis, Lee, and Beauregard are as American as apple pie, whether you like it or not. They’re three-dimensional historical figures. Mayor Mitch Landrieu and leftist activists erroneously see them as two-dimensional historical figures. And they’re erasing their history in the name of progressivism. Whose monument will be next?


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