Marion Maréchal-Le Pen Calls it Quits

She is Marine’s niece, Jean-Marie’s granddaughter.


French Front National firebrand, and niece of Marine Le Pen, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has announced she is to step down from politics citing personal reasons.

Ms. Maréchal-Le Pen made her announcement on Tuesday afternoon saying she would not be seeking office for the French legislative elections set to occur next month. She told the press she wants to spend more time with her young child and escape the “whirlwind” of political life, Le Figaro reports.

According to various sources, there was some conflict between Ms. Maréchal-Le Pen and her aunt Marine Le Pen who was recently defeated by independent presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. Somewhat sympathetic to her grandfather Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marion had difficulty keeping a low profile when Jean-Marie was eventually kicked out of the party by Marine.

Maréchal-Le Pen also came into conflict with FN vice-president Florian Philippot who she claimed had too much influence.

This is unfortunate. I thought she’d eventually become the Front National leader—a development I would’ve greatly supported. She has that youthful energy and seems to be more of a traditionalist Catholic than Marine.

But alas, politics is a tough business. It is not for everyone.


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