On Stephen Colbert’s Tasteless Comment

As you may have heard, Stephen Colbert said something pretty awful in his opening monologue on Monday night’s “The Late Show.”

Colbert was engaging in his Trump-bashing routine per usual, but then took it way too far by quipping that “the only thing [Donald Trump’s] mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*** holster.”

Type in Colbert’s name on Google, and you’ll see headlines decrying the joke as “homophobic.” This misses the point entirely.

First off, the term “homophobic” has devolved into a meaningless slur like “racist” or “bigot.” It no longer carries any weight. And second, the focus on the joke’s supposed homophobia greatly detracts from the fact that something like this shouldn’t have even passed the censors in the first place because of its graphically sexual nature.

What Colbert said was disgusting, unfunny, and tasteless on its own. It has nothing to do with “being offensive to the LGBT community.” It has everything to do with the joke not being acceptable for TV. Acceptable at a private comedy club? Sure. But not on TV.

Note: You’re free to tweet #FireColbert all you want, but know that it’s probably not going to happen.


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