You Know You’ve Gone Too Far When…

… the Washington Post, of all publications, criticizes you for making a mountain out of a molehill. Many on the internet did so when this picture of Kellyanne Conway surfaced:


Heaven forbid that she should relax a little bit…

President Barack Obama relaxes on a sofa in the Oval Office with wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha, Feb. 2, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) This official White House photograph is being made available for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be used in materials, advertisements, products, or promotions that in any way suggest approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.




What Trump is Like Outside the Media Limelight


Thanks to a “tip from a trusted source,” Benny Johnson of the Independent Journal Review reserved a table at the BLT Steakhouse inside the Washington D.C. Trump Hotel on Saturday, where President Trump would be having a private dinner. No media allowed; the event didn’t even appear on the President’s official schedule. What a perfect opportunity for Johnson to see firsthand what Trump is like without the presence of cameras and dishonest journalists!

Read the whole account here. Much of the beginning relates to the Secret Service sweep (which I am definitely familiar with, given all the Trump rallies I worked at as an intern) and the preparation by restaurant staff, all of which is fascinating in its own right. But these are my favorite parts concerning The Don himself:

8:17 PM: Without any announcement or indication, President Trump enters the hotel lobby which bears his name, flanked on all sides by the Secret Service. Shock and astonishment fill the guests in the room. The woman next to me screams “Is it him? It’s really him! Oh my God! This is like a dream!” Trump is rushed by fans in the lobby as he makes his way to the steakhouse. Secret Service makes a barrier for him, and the President waves and shakes hands on his way. The young crew are the first in line. Also waiting in line as the President arrives is Nigel Farage.

One woman shouts at him “Donald, it’s my birthday!” Trump stops and says “Happy birthday,” as he hugs the elated woman. “How about a birthday present? Let’s take a photo,” he says to her, afterward telling the woman she looks very young and has great skin.

Trump eventually sits precisely where I expected he would hours earlier. He is joined by Farage, Governor Rick Scott of Florida, and his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner. My party sits just a table away, outside the president’s security barrier. Trump’s table is surrounded by agents facing outward, creating a barrier between the president and other diners. Waiters can be seen carrying large jumbo shrimp and sparkling water to the table to start the service. We are eventually, but politely, asked to sit back down at our respective tables.

8:45 PM: Trump is served his entree. According to a waiter, who wished to remain anonymous:

“The President ordered a well-done steak. An aged New York strip. He ate it with catsup as he always does. The sides and appetizers on the table were shared. Three jumbo shrimp cocktails were delivered before the meal. At one point, the President looked at his watch and remarked ”They are filming ‘Saturday Night Live’ right now. Can’t wait to see what they are gonna do to me this week.“ It was hard to serve him because he is so funny and relaxed, it makes you laugh.”

Trump talks jovially with his guests for the next two hours. His iconic hand motions fill the space as dinner is served.

10:14 PM: Trump and his party get up to leave. The president is stopped momentarily for selfies and handshakes. Discreetly, Trump can be seen handing cash to one of the latino busboys for his table. The president handed the young man a $100 bill.

The President exits the restaurant and addresses a long line of adoring visitors waiting for him in the hotel lobby.

Trump signs some items, takes some photos and pauses just before leaving, joining in on a “USA” chant while pumping his fist.

Trump is just what you’d expect: personable, humorous, considerate, and warm. I certainly felt that vibe when I met him—when I looked into his eyes, shook his hand, made some small talk, and posed for this picture. I wrote in my journal later that day that he’s a “very genuine” man, and indeed, this dinner confirms it.

Props to Benny Johnson for getting a table reserved next to the President and writing such a wonderful piece. Again, click here to read the entire thing.

Link Dump: High-Fat Diets Don’t Cause Obesity, The Effectiveness of the 10-3-2-1-0 Formula

1. Remember Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP leader who claimed she was Black but was ousted as White? She can’t find a job (although she’s been offered reality TV and porn) and is on the verge of homelessness. Better publish those “upcoming memoirs” soon! [NBC 2]

2. Fats don’t necessarily make you fat. [Rogue Health and Fitness]

3. The 10-3-2-1-0 formula can be life-changing. Although I don’t follow it to a T, I learned to set my own boundaries on certain activities before bedtime, which has benefited me considerably. []

4. A video by Bedros Keuilian entitled “How to stop being lazy and get shit done.” [YouTube]

5. Take a look at this mile-wide Trump sign in Colorado! [9 News]

Drink Water Immediately After Waking Up

In a perfect world, I would wake up when my body told me to. But I have responsibilities, things to do, and places to be. So like most people, I use my smartphone’s alarm to wake up—with a calm sea tone to make the process a little less difficult.

Several weeks ago, I fell into the habit of hitting the snooze button one or even two times before falling back to sleep. Bad, bad, bad idea. Yes, the extra sleep felt great temporarily, but by the time I had to get up, I was groggier and in an overall worse mood than when I first woke up.

Eventually it got to the point where the frustration at not getting up outweighed how good the extra sleep felt. First I set my phone on the other side of my bedroom, only to get up, walk over to my phone, turn the alarm off, collapse back into bed, and drift off to sleep again.

Damn it. If that didn’t work, what would? I thought I’d have to shell out $80-$100 on one of those sunrise alarm clocks. But before I resorted to that, I wanted to try one more thing: drinking a tall glass of water right after I woke up.

That following morning, I got out of bed, walked over to my dresser, turned off my alarm, and started drinking the water. Upon finishing, I noticed that I had no desire to fall back asleep!

Why? Well, when you go approximately eight hours without fluids, you wake up feeling dehydrated. Eliminating this feeling is the key to successfully waking up. I’ve been using the water hack for a few weeks now, and I’ve never relapsed. I’m more energized and ready to tackle the day from the very minute I arise.

Even if you always wake up on time and never hit snooze, I bet you still don’t feel like a spring chicken in the morning. So try this practice anyway. It’ll get you as close to that feeling as possible and thus set the tone for a fantastic, productive day.

Libs Trick CPAC Attendees into Waving Russian “Trump” Flags

donald-trump-cpac-russian-flag The Hill:

A progressive group called Americans Take Action was reportedly behind the Russian flags emblazoned with the word “Trump” that appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) during the president’s speech Friday.

CPAC workers quickly collecting the flags from attendees waving them in the audience.

According to a report by Talking Points Memo, two young progressive activists from D.C., Jason Charter and Ryan Clayton with the group Americans Take Action, purchased tickets to the conference and handed out the nearly 1,000 flags to attendees as a prank.

Very funny, guys. They were trying to prove a point, of course:

“I think it says a lot about Donald Trump’s base and their education level,” [Jason Charter] told TPM. “I don’t want to insult anyone, but I think you should know what the Russian flag is. They are one of the world’s major powers, and it’s a pretty easily recognized flag.”

Quite a misguided point, as you can see. First, he says he doesn’t want to insult anyone, yet he goes right ahead and insults the “education level” of the average Trump supporter. And second, it’s not just the average Trump supporter who may not know what the Russian flag looks like. The average American probably wouldn’t know. The Russian flag is only a “pretty easily recognized flag” if you already know what it looks like.

Charter and Clayton’s little prank didn’t last long, either. CPAC staff took swift action and confiscated the flags.

Evan’s Friday Briefing: 2/24/17

Welcome to the 2/24/17 edition of “Evan’s Friday Briefing,” a quick list of what I’ve been enjoying, learning, and trying out.

Artist I’ve Been Listening To

Frank Sinatra. Everyone recognizes his name, but not everyone knows his music real well. It’s worth familiarizing oneself with such an American musical legend.

Podcast Episode I’ve Been Pondering

Steve Patterson’s interview with Dr. Jayme White on SJWs, the left, and academia. Key concepts covered: virtue signaling, sentiment over reason, and the desire for a command economy. Give it a listen.

Self-Development Habit I Recently Implemented

Waking up to a “calm sea” alarm sound. How is this related to self-development? Well, I had been previously using a standard alarm sound that didn’t make me want to get out of bed, and it just didn’t set a great tone for the day. The “calm sea” is significantly more natural and now I’m generally in a much better morning mood.

Smartphone App I’ve Been Playing Around With

Duolingo. It’s a (free!) app that allows you to learn new languages with a scientifically proven method of language learning. I’ve been brushing up on my Spanish and dabbling in German. Trust me, it truly is superior to your high school language courses as well as those boring flash cards. Try it out to see what I’m talking about.

Poem I’ve Been Enjoying

Samuel Ullman’s “Youth Poem.” I’m still only 20 years old, but I love this poem nevertheless:

Youth is not a time of life – it is a state of mind,
it is a temper of the will
a quality of the imagination,
a vigor of the emotions,
a predominance of courage over timidity,
of the appetite for adventure over love of ease.

Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years.
People grow old only by deserting their ideals.
Years wrinkle the skin,
but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.
Worry, doubt, self-distrust,
fear and despair – these are the long,
long years that bow the head and
turn the growing spirit back to dust.

Whether they are sixteen or seventy,
there is in every being’s heart
the love of wonder,
the sweet amazement at the stars
and starlike things and thoughts,
the undaunted challenge of events,
the unfailing childlike appetite
for what is to come next,
and the joy and the game of life.

You are as young as your faith,
as old as your doubt;
as young as your self-confidence,
as old as your fear,
as young as your hope,
as old as your despair.
When the wires are all down
and all the innermost core of your heart
is covered with the snows of pessimism
and the ice of cynicism,
then you are grown old indeed.

But so long as your heart receives messages
of beauty, cheer, courage, grandeur
and power from the earth,
from man and from the Infinite,
so long you are young.